About Us

Our beer is produced using a six barrel brew kit, with it we are brewing hand crafted traditional real ales. We supply pubs across the Wigan borough and beyond. We also sell casks direct to the public and have a brewery tap on site selling our beers straight from our cold room. We also have our first tied house Martland Mill Tap and Barrel, this is situated in Jaxons Court in the Victorian Quater of Wigan, featuring six hand pumps showcasing Martland Mill real ales and others from various breweries throughout the country.

Our beers are produced using the finest natural ingredients of malted barley supplied by England’s oldest maltster Warminster, English and New World hops from Charles Farams, brewer’s yeast and water. All our beers are produced to the highest standards and ingredients are combined to produce varied flavour profiles within them.

Our History

After pursuing a lifelong passion for real ale and getting sick of being rained off in his role as a very wet joiner, Paul our Head Brewer decided it was time for a change.

He began his transition in to brewing by purchasing a small brew kit to experiment with in the garage and encouraged by positive reviews of his beers decided to take his love to the next level. Paul worked voluntarily first and Burscough Brewery and then at Bank Top, learning the art of true craft brewing.

Once happy he had a good understanding of the brewing process Paul, backed fully by his wife Delia decided to take the plunge and purchased 200 nine gallon casks and a six barrel brew kit at the beginning of 2014. Martland Mill Brewery was no longer a dream, it was becoming a reality!