Our Beers

Spinners Gold 3.8% ABV

An enjoyable golden ale created with a well-balanced hoppiness, a pleasant citrus taste and a hint of spice.

Clog Maker 4.0% ABV

A rich golden full bodied ale with a refreshing fruity flavour and an inkling of cedar and honey.

Lancashire Loom 4.2% ABV

A light golden ale bursting with a real fruit punch of grapefruit, lychees and lemon, with a slight floral note.

Chonkin Feckle 3.8% ABV

A golden yellow ale with a citrus hop aroma and slight floral notes.

Knocker Upper 3.9% ABV

A bright golden ale with a crisp hoppy aroma, deep spicy undertones with a hint of honey in the finish.

D-Day Dodger 4.1% ABV

A deep red beer with subtle malt aromas, a refreshing round bitterness and a clean fruity finish.

Wobbly Weaver 4.3% ABV

A quaffable golden ale with hints of citrus on the nose, an explosion of tropical fruits and blueberry flavours. An ale to really tantalise the taste buds.

Bombers Blonde 4.4% ABV

A pale blonde ale with an intense hoppy aroma and a crisp refreshing citrus taste leading to a slightly dry finish.

Arctic Convoy 4.5% ABV

A traditional full bodied stout with a rich roasted malt palate giving a pleasant hint of bitterness and a smooth chocolaty finish.